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South Carolina Manufacturing Certification (SCMC) quick jobs vet qualified

The South Carolina Manufacturing Certification (SCMC) is a South Carolina certification program covering the skills needed by manufacturing workers. The credential is awarded upon successfully completing the Safety, Quality Practices and Measurement, Manufacturing Processes and Production, and Maintenance Awareness assessments. In addition we will be providing hands-on simulation training, Snap-on Meter Certification, Snap-on Hand Tool Certification, Snap-on Electrical Safety Certification and a Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification to re-enforce the manufacturing skills taught in the classroom.

Course NameCostHours
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SC Manufacturing Certification (SCMC)$2119200
Estimated program cost: $ 2,119

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The cost of books and materials may not be included in this estimate. Check the 'Materials list' hyper link on the class search results page for details on each course.