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Corporate and
Continuing Education

General Sonographer vet qualified

The General Sonography program trains students to conduct a variety of exams which include abdominal, pelvic neurology, breast, gynecological and obstetrical. Students will learn to image standard views of different organs of the body. This concentration focuses on anatomy and teaches students to recognize pathology of many different organs.

Course NameCostHours
Take all of the following
Introduction to Gen Sonography$23952
Gynecologic Sonography$80852
Abdominal Sonography I$40426
DMS Scan Lab I$40426
DMS Clinicals I$1935531
Obstetrical Sonography$40452
DMS Sonography Physics I$40426
Abdominal Sonography II$40426
DMS Clinicals II$1882486
Small Parts Sonography$40426
Registry Review$40426
DMS Sonography Physics II$40426
Breast/Neuro Sonography$40426
DMS Clinicals IIIb$1081351
Estimated program cost: $ 9,581
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