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In today's workplace, managers, programmers, and professionals need database skills. Without question, effective understanding, management, and analysis of data is a key to success for business professionals at all levels. With the increased database requirements across industries, it is not surprising that database managers continue to be in high demand. To earn this certificate, students must successfully complete the following courses within a two-year period. Courses should be taken in the order listed below.

Course NameCostHours
Take all of the following
Access, Introduction$28912
Access, Intermediate$28912
Database Design$1996
SQL, Introduction$39912
Access, Advanced$28912
Crystal Reports, Introduction$59912
SQL Server Database Services$69918
Database Productivity Lab$1996
Estimated program cost: $ 2,962

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The cost of books and materials may not be included in this estimate. Check the 'Materials list' hyper link on the class search results page for details on each course.